Tele Health Care

Tele-Healthcare Platform



  • Measure blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and other medical data as usual.
  • Data transmission is fully automatic.
  • No need to carry a health diary.
  • Save time and efforts.
Medical Insurance
  • Manage risks associated with patient aggression.
  • Reduce cost of care.
Health Care Provider
  • Improve patient care.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Ability to treat patients before conditions become a cure.
  • Online and up to date data/readings.


Tele-Healthcare Platform Components

GSM/GPRS Gateway (H3G-700)

Available devices

  • Lifescans Onetouch Ultra, Easy/Mini with Bluetooth adapter(BA-100/110)
  • A/D weight scale (UC-321PBT)
  • A/D blood pressure monitor (UA-767PBT)
  • IEM blood pressure monitor (Stabil-O-Graph)
  • Beijing Choices Pulse Oximeter (MD300C318)


  • Automatic transmission of measured health records
  • A/D weight scale (UC-321PBT)
  • Device time setting
  • Alive signal


  • Receives health data from measuring devices such as blood pressure monitor, glucometer and weight scale
  • Transmits data into a healthcare center through GSM/GPRS mobile networks

Bluetooth Adapter (BA-100/110)


  • Receives data from a glucometer
  • Sends the data to gateway

Usable Devices :

  • LifeScans One Touch Ultra, One Touch Ultra2 and One Touch Easy/Mini
  • Bayers Contour

Tele-Healthcare Web Application




  • Preference
  • Gluco Edit Data
  • Pressure Edit Data
  • Weight Edit Data

Gluco Diary

  • Summary
  • Log Table
  • Data List
  • Trend Graph
  • Average Readings
  • Standard Day
  • Histogram
  • Target Range
  • Statistics

Pressure Diary

  • Log Table
  • Trend Graph
  • Target Range

Weight Diary

  • Data List
  • Trend Graph