Machine to Machine

M2M (Machine to Machine) refers to data communications between machines. M2M technology allows intelligent machines to talk to each other via IP-based networks to automate the collection of essential data faster and accurately, without human intervention. M2M can also mean the family of sensors, middleware, software and applications that help improve efficiency and quality by tying together a myriad of sensors with mission critical applications like asset management, ERP and CRM.

Using M2M equipment and services, asset owners can connect, monitor, manage and optimise operations of remote devices without travelling to or maintaining staff at these sites.

Typical M2M solutions include a telecom network, network of sensors, middleware, software and applications that are linked together to mission-critical applications like asset management, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.


Hence, a growing demand for M2M service is witnessed in the following areas:

  • Tele Health Care
  • Tele Care