Zajelcard is a new solution for SMS Interactivity, which will generate huge revenue for you and your clients with worldwide coverage specially Libya, Algeria, Tunis, Mauritania, Iran and Europe.

 It has provided the region with a key solution for a new Premium SMS Interactivity with a new approach.


ZajelCard is a prepaid SMS payment providingTV channels and Service Providers with a solution where they can offer their premium SMS services to any market at any time.


Your Benefits:

  1. Global Coverage can be implemented for any country.
    • Countries do not have premium short codes.
    • Countries with payment problems.
    • Countries where acquiring short codes will be very expensive like Europe.
  2. Increase Revenue
    • Payout per point.
  3. Payment Facility
    • Monthly payment, no more waiting 90-120 Days.

Service Categories:

  1. Chatting
  2. Voting
  3. Competitions
  4. Subscription
  5. Content Download
  6. Bulk Voting ( In one SMS , customer can vote as much he want based on his credit/Points)
  7. Any keyword and service structure.